Fight or flight?

There is an interesting story by Petr Kaňovský at (in Czech).

When facing the problems of our society caused by our sins we have to fight with additional temptations such as to give up, to join the crowd, to fall into hatred or to accept the thirty pieces of silver. We may be forced to resolve loss-loss situations. We have to go through the struggle that we have never wished. I admire the people who can resist and are able to rely on God’s help in such circumstances. It’s sometimes difficult to remember and accept by one’s heart that God can fix things, despite it’s rarely an easy process.

The Community Patent Consultation

I’ve noticed that European Commission starts a new round of the Community Patent project that can lead to legalization of software patents in the European Union. E.U. citizens and companies have opportunity to fill-in a Commission questionnaire on the issue till the end of March.

If you are concerned about the European patent system and/or the danger of legalization of software patents in the European Union, please look at the FFII pages about the questionnaire.