Fighting Czech Spammers

Some Czech spammers are completely impudent and ignoring Czech law forbidding spamming activities. Europe should be civilized enough to be able to prevent such behavior here.

I’ve received another piece of spam from Hotel u Lípy today. Enough is enough, so I started looking for possibilities to retaliate, resulting in posting a grievance against them to Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (The Office for Personal Data Protection) that is responsible for dealing with such cases. They have an electronic form allowing Czech citizens to report abuse of the anti-spam law. Similar means should be available in other civilized countries as well.

I don’t think it’s much useful to report random spammers who may not be well aware about what they are doing. Just complaining to them and their ISPs may be a better way to deal with it. But we shouldn’t hesitate to officially fight regular spammers ignoring private complaints. Although the office apparently lacks man power to deal with the reports quickly, they should be able to intervene some way against the spammers in the final result.