Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger 1.0 has been released some time ago. If I could install a single Firefox extension only, it would be this one. It’s very easy to use, effective (AFAICT) and doesn’t cause problems; much better than the other privacy extensions I used (although they can still be useful for special purposes). I can recommended using it, as well as reading the FAQ and supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). BTW, another very useful web browser extension by EFF is HTTPS Everywhere. Good work, EFF! Looking forward an Android version as there is currently very little one can do to protect his privacy in Firefox for Android.

I think I want that keyboard (and mouse)

KeyMouse keyboard looks interesting. It seems to be better than any of the other ergonomic keyboards I looked at as it provides all of the following:

  • Everything seems to be reasonably reachable (maybe after remapping some keys).
  • It’s curved.
  • The left and right parts of the keyboard are completely separated, permitting to position the hands freely.
  • Wireless operation.
  • The mouse of course (even better: two mice!), no need to leave the keyboard to use it.

There may be some drawbacks:

  • Stability of the keyboard(s) when typing.
  • Mouse jitter when typing.
  • Not possible to use on one’s lap.

KeyMouse is expensive, but its price is in the price range of other (mouseless) ergonomic keyboards, and the keyboard is still cheaper than a good chair or a good display.