• Emacs tabs as workspaces

    I used to use Emacs frames as workspaces. But reading through Emacs 28 NEWS reminded me that tab bars could be probably better used for the purpose. And indeed, using tab bars is simpler and looks like a very good fit. First some initial settings: (tab-bar-mode 1) (tab-bar-history-mode 1) (custom-set-variables ‘(tab-bar-show nil)) (tab-bar-rename-tab “emacs”) They […]

  • Learning Haskell

    Learning Haskell has been on my to-do for maybe about 10 years. I’ve already made several attempts but have never had an opportunity to finish them, starting again and again from time to time. Haskell is not something one can learn in two afternoons. My latest attempt has finally succeeded and I have basic knowledge […]

  • Learning Rust

    Many programmers like learning programming languages. It’s fun to discover new concepts and possibilities and to be able to use them to write more elegant, more powerful or more efficient programs. I had enjoyed this activity too, until I discovered Common Lisp many years ago. Once I learned Common Lisp, my passion for learning new […]