Does Amazon support Wikipedia?

Amazon is going to sell their new e-book reader. Sure, I wouldn’t buy a proprietary device that serves as a purchase tool for a particular seller. But a more interesting thing is that they advertise access to Wikipedia several times in their blurbs.

I’m curious whether Amazon is going to support Wikipedia, e.g. by donating some reasonable amount of money for each e-book reader they sell, or whether they are just parasites who misuse a free project financed by someone else. I already boycott Amazon because of their dirty business practices (using software and business method patents to beat their competitors). But if they use Wikipedia to market their products without supporting the project (and I guess they would proudly tell us if they supported it) then it’s another reason to avoid buying anything from them. So does anybody know something about any Amazon and Wikipedia relationship?

BTW, one positive result of this issue is that it reminded me I should donate to Wikimedia Foundation during its current fundraising campaign.

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