Are AMD processors of any worth?

I looked at a price list of PC CPUs after some time and wondered what AMD Phenom is. So I looked at the AMD website. To keep the story short I’ll limit my experience to a single FAQ entry labeled What is the AMD Phenom(TM) processor?, well representing overall information provided there.

The first part of the answer says:

AMD Phenom(TM) processors represent the next generation of AMD’s award winning multi-core Direct Connect Architecture with AMD64 technology enabling greater memory throughput, lower latency and ultra-fast connections to system resources including graphics processors and accelerators.

Well, so they say the new family of processors provides better performance than its predecessors. I wouldn’t expect the opposite, so nothing new to me.

The next paragraph:

Featuring true quad-core technology, AMD Phenom(TM) processors are designed to deliver unprecedented megatasking performance and highly tuneable performance platforms to meet the demanding needs of technologically savvy enthusiasts.

This paragraph is interesting because it contains the only single bit of information of the whole FAQ entry answer, i.e. that these processor are quad-core processors. But I could read this already in the price list. As for “unprecedented megatasking performance” and “highly tuneable performance platforms” I couldn’t find anything indicating that it describes any real features so I suspect they are just marketing idle talks.

And finally:

AMD Phenom(TM) processors are designed for phenomenal performance and optimum energy efficiency for a growing list of demanding applications, including digital content creation, high-definition video editing, multi-threaded gaming and creative design. AMD Phenom(TM) processors are targeted toward mainstream users who crave more performance and productivity.

I see, these processors are designed so that one can work with a computer. What a surprise!

So I still don’t know what the Phenom thing is about. But I know now that either AMD are idiots or they have nothing great to say about this family of processors and they try to hide this fact in meaningless blurbs. In both cases I’d hesitate to buy AMD processors.

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