Damaged films

One of the main advantages of digital photography over film is that all the process is in your hands. With film at least its development is usually left to a laboratory. And this is a problem, I’ve experienced a lot of troubles with it: scratches, sticked garbage, fingerprints, even exchanging my roll of film with one of another customer. In the better case I can partially repair some of the damages spending a lot of time on retouching, in the worse case the shot is lost. I’m not a photographer who takes a lot of pictures and then chooses a few pictures from a roll of film, I usually spend significant amount of time on taking each shot and don’t shoot the same picture twice. So if they damage my shot, it’s completely lost.

I don’t want to risk those problems anymore. As I don’t know how to find a good laboratory in Brno, I have two alternatives. Either sending my films for development to PHOTO life’s CREATIVE LAB (they claim they handle everything in the process very carefully) or developing the films myself. With my low-volume production I’ll probably try the first choice. It means about 3 € extra cost for postage, but it still looks like the cheapest way to get the thing done right.

BTW the laboratories in Brno that show complete incompetence are Fosh foto and Fotex (at Kobližná).

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