10 years in the European Union

My country, Czech Republic, has joined the European Union 10 years ago. It was great event and it’s clear that the EU has been helping us a lot to return from the Soviet empire to civilized world.

What did we give to the EU? I’m not sure. Our government has made some serious troubles but hopefully there have been also positive things. In any case, I believe it was worth to invest in our participation, it’s better to have good neighbors than bad ones. (Can our prime minister, telling us that we can’t support freedom due to economic reasons, figure out that someday?)

While some people have been dying to enter the EU, as immigrants or as citizens of a maybe future member country, other people inside the EU fight against the Union. Of course, there are many problems and bad things happen. But European unification is not the ground cause of that (think what are the actual problems and how the matters would evolve without the EU). I believe the EU project is primarily a great opportunity of world wide importance, which we can either make the best of or waste.

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