Lent starting

This year’s Lent starts. We may approach it as a period of inconvenient restriction or as a good chance to gain something.

I’ve been thinking about absurdities of our society.

We kill innocent and defenseless people. This has always happened but what I am additionally worried about is that we seriously talk about the “right” to kill the defenseless and present the “right” as “progress”. Our society apparently prefers murdering as a good way of solving problems instead of implementing better solutions.

We try to invent new forms of marriage and family and call it “equal rights”. Not everything works as it should, we all need respect to many of our handicaps, health and personal problems and we should be empathic and helpful when dealing with such things. But trying to make inherently different things “equal” is not the way, it’s simply insane. Our society embraces that insanity, calls it “progress” and those who don’t accept it are labeled as reactionaries.

Western civilization is so rich that we could work much less and get more time and energy for utilizing our creativity and making noble things. Instead, we work more and more and often waste our best in work of dubious purpose at our jobs. Our society embraces that as “economic growth”.

Many people are overloaded while many others can’t find any job. If you think about skills, workaholics and laziness, you’ve got some point. But it’s only part of the problem, look around you and you’ll probably find different examples. Isn’t there something odd in our society?

Rich people are getting richer while other people lose. Nothing surprising considering the power imbalance but where’s the power of democracy? Look at some election results and try to understand it. Still no feeling of living in absurdity?

I’m not talking about grass which used to be greener in the past. The society has been experiencing serious problems all the time. Modern society has its own problems demonstrating that progress produces not only improvements but also severe absurdities. This is going to have consequences similar to the ones in the past. We can’t assume our lives will be easier or happier in the future just because we may apply some sorts of engineering.

The fast time is a good opportunity to think about what each one of us can change, in himself, around him, in the society. To discard the barriers of evil that prevent us from doing good. To ask for help where it can really come from. Let it be a great time and a step forward.

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