How to prevent collaboration

I tried to make OpenVPN working in a Linux-VServer environment about a year ago. I couldn’t find a straightforward HOWTO nor answers to all my questions. So I described what I had done and sent my questions to the VServer mailing list. I expected that I get answers to my questions and then other users trying to run OpenVPN with VServer can find fine instructions at least in the mailing list archives.

My mail has bounced because non-subscribers (I read most mailing list via Gmane NNTP gateway) were not allowed to post to the VServer mailing list. Considering my effort of writing the mail and the possible benefits of sending it I tried to temporarily subscribe so that I could send the mail. The subscription address didn’t work. So I wrote to the postmaster about the problem but haven’t received any answer. I got discouraged and gave up.

All the result was my wasted work of writing the mail and trying to send it. I made OpenVPN working some way and I haven’t managed to return to my original problems to describe them on the wiki or so.

I really don’t like closed mailing lists. Closing a mailing list is a cheap solution. You don’t have to set up spam filtering. You won’t get rants from readers about spam coming from the mailing list. And you annoy legitimate users and miss contributions.

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