Zuzana Roithová for president

So we have the opportunity to elect our president ourselves for the first time. Let’s not waste it. We shouldn’t get discouraged by the fact that some of the most popular candidates have done a lot of bad things in the past while other ones are so popular just for the fact they have done basically nothing. Although it is likely that we’ll end up choosing the least evil in the second round, it is important to show strong support to credible politics in the first round.

I wouldn’t bother writing this weblog entry if there were a choice among the candidates. But IMO the only good candidate is Zuzana Roithová. AFAIK she respects ethics and she did a lot of good work in the European Parliament although mostly hidden as mainstream media ignore such activities and focus on completely different things.

No matter who you decide to vote or not to vote for, please take the election seriously. As usually we’ll receive what we deserve.

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