• 20 years with Emacs

    IIRC, it was about 20 years ago when I ran Emacs for the first time. I originally used it on a System V system as a civilized alternative to vi editor. But during the time I became an Emacs power user, learned Elisp and started to use Emacs as my primary working environment. Emacs, as […]

  • Getting organized

    I’ve never been successful in keeping really useful and up-to-date diaries and todo lists. Well, one can think: “If it’s really important I won’t forget about it and the other things don’t matter much.” But if nothing else then family life can cause semi-chaos making really difficult to get anything done. Nevertheless an important change […]

  • Fonts in Emacs 23.2

    When my Emacs was upgraded from 23.1 to 23.2, I got negatively surprised: It changed font rendering, making fonts significantly less readable. I quickly identified the corresponding NEWS entry: *** On X11, Emacs reacts to Xft changes made by configuration tools, via the XSETTINGS mechanism. This includes antialias, hinting, hintstyle, RGBA, DPI and lcdfilter changes. […]

  • Tramping in Emacs

    Why to use separate terminal applications for remote connections when one can use Emacs? Why to run remote Emacs of different version, in different configuration, with echo delays, without your customizations, etc.? Why to pollute your desktop with another window and why to switch between it and Emacs all the time? Why to run multiple […]