• Software problem: Music players on Android

    One might thing that making a program that plays music stored locally on a computer shouldn’t be that difficult. It must be able to find music files, to play them correctly, to play songs in the correct order, and provide a decent user interface, with some search capabilities. Considering that the most difficult tasks can […]

  • Software problem: Missing virt-manager icons

    virt-manager on my NixOS system was missing icons on most of its buttons, making the application handling somewhat difficult. A little stupid annoying problem, apparently of category 3, has wasted several hours of my life. I reported it as a NixOS bug. NixOS people responded quickly and were helpful so after a couple of days […]

  • Debian builds with Podman

    Since I no longer have Debian on my desktop computer, I had to arrange an environment for building Debian packages. I could use a virtual machine running Debian for that purpose but this would have several disadvantages: It would consume unnecessarily much resources. I would have to use a nested build environment such as cowbuilder […]

  • Software problem: Lost network in a Podman container

    I use Podman for running various stuff. It’s sometimes challenging due to problems of all categories. One special problem I experienced on one of my computers was that if a container had stopped and then was started again, it lost its network interface, only loopback interface remained available. I searched the web and hoped it […]

  • Moving to Podman

    Until recently, I used to use chroot, schroot and LXC to run my nested Linux environments. I’ve never used Docker, which has always looked like a single-purpose and quite limited tool to me. I started looking more deeply at Podman last year. I realized that this kind of technology can be mature enough now to […]

  • Software problem: KDE Wallet

    When I reinstalled my desktop computer, KDE started asking me for a wallet password. Each time a short while after I started my web browser. It didn’t look all right: I don’t think I’ve ever set a wallet password and I deleted whole KDE configuration after I had reinstalled the computer. I couldn’t see any […]

  • Software problem: Wahoo mobile application

    I wanted to make a bike trip, planned it on komoot and, just before the trip, tried to synchronize the route to my Wahoo ELEMNT. It didn’t work, the Wahoo device couldn’t connect to WiFi. WiFi problems with Wahoo are not uncommon so I tried to use Wahoo mobile application to download my route. The […]

  • Software problem: Emacs windows not properly maximized

    I don’t like wasting screen space so the very first configuration action I do in newly installed desktop environments is making all windows maximized by default. After I had reinstalled my computer, I experienced a problem that new Emacs windows (or frames, in Emacs terminology) created after Emacs had started were not fully vertically maximized, […]

  • Software problem: DKIM

    I managed to waste my time on another thing. I foolishly thought that I should finally add DKIM to my mail server. Configuring it in the mail server was relatively easy. But once I started to check whether it actually works, I’ve fallen into trouble. I started with the elliptic curve algorithm (ed25519). OpenDKIM on […]

  • Czech programming keyboard is back!

    I’ve recently reinstalled my computer and switched to a different Linux distribution there. Because of the change, I got new (or different) versions of many desktop components. And when configuring my keyboard, I can see Czech programming keyboard is available in X again. What a relief!