Software problem: Compiling Emacs vterm module on NixOS

I started using NixOS again some time ago. The fact that NixOS doesn’t use Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is sometimes a big source of pain and complications. One non-obvious thing for beginners is how to compile a C program. One C program that is very useful and must be compiled locally is emacs-libvterm C module, providing… Continue reading Software problem: Compiling Emacs vterm module on NixOS

25 years of Linux

The 25th anniversary of Linux has been celebrated recently. I can’t remain silent about it because Linux has been playing an important role in my life. In 1980’s, Richard Stallman started a heroic and successful effort to create a free operating system in response to the unfortunate dominance of proprietary operating systems. But in 1990’s,… Continue reading 25 years of Linux

OS X upgrade

I upgraded OS X on my work computer to a new version. It required two system restarts and made the computer (with an SSD drive!) unusable for about half an hour. This is the so called “world’s most advanced desktop operating system”.

20 years of Debian

Debian has celebrated its 20th anniversary last week. IIRC, I’ve installed Debian in 1995 for the first time, version 0.93R5. My very first GNU/Linux distribution was SLS (who knows today what it was?). I switched to Slackware soon and after some time I decided it might be a good idea to try something else once… Continue reading 20 years of Debian

Using Mac OS X

I use a proprietary operating system even on a desktop computer now. I’m forced to use Mac OS X at my job. Apple says OS X Mountain Lion is an easy to use and incredibly powerful system with features I’ll love. In my user’s experience the system is primitive, inflexible and chaotic. It’s very hard to find… Continue reading Using Mac OS X

ZFS user

I decided that it is a good idea to replace my complicated hard drive setup utilizing parted + mdadm + vg* + lv* + mkfs + fsck + fstab + whatever else with just zpool + zfs. Let’s run zpool once and then create and manage file systems without artificial constraints, without unnecessary administration overhead… Continue reading ZFS user

System reinstallation

Linux Containers became unable to start after host system boot on one of my machines. They started fine on boot but any later attempts to start any of them failed with a weird message Invalid argument – pivot_root syscall failed. I couldn’t get help on that and obvious actions like trying to stop some daemons… Continue reading System reinstallation

Linux drivers

I bought a new input device, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet. I was careful enough to buy an older model and to check the device is supported on Linux. Based on my previous experiences I also tested the tablet on a Windows computer to be sure it actually works and I can handle it,… Continue reading Linux drivers

Driver info update

Updates on my driver info pages: Updated information about Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 keyboard, especially a link to a guideline how to make the zoom key working was added. Added information about Genius G-Pen F610 tablet.