• Lisp Blosxom

    There’s an interesting project for us running their weblogs on Lisp servers. Too bad I’ve got absolutely no time to contribute now. 🙁

  • Epson devices on Linux

    I’ve added information on running the Epson Perfection 2480 Photo scanner and Epson Stylus Photo R220 printer on Linux to my small Linux hardware page. If you find those small pages useful, please consider sharing pieces of your knowledge on Internet as well, it can help to many people. My Linux hardware pages are almost […]

  • Trouble with printing

    Today I had to print something. My aging DeskJet refused to print it in sufficient quality again. I had to use another printer connected to a Windows machine. That meant an interesting challenge to print a Czech OpenOffice.org document on Windows. OpenOffice.org 1.1.3 PDF export produced a document with Czech characters missing. This can be […]

  • Debian or Ubuntu?

    Ubuntu fixes the most important problem of Debian: its slow release process. Now, about half a year after the latest Debian release, I already move slowly from stable to testing and unstable. Not without reason, most often because new software versions fix bugs of their older versions in stable. More frequent operating system distribution releases […]

  • Portable AllegroServe in action

    So this site runs on Portable AllegroServe now. The main problem with AllegroServe was it couldn’t run CGI scripts on SBCL, but I succeeded in porting the corresponding code. It’s not ready for submitting a patch, but if you’re interested in it, tell me. I’ve chosen Portable AllegroServe because it’s highly and easily configurable and […]

  • Web server software

    It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a good web server other than Apache. I tried to find any web server which is regularly maintained, provides basic functionality (serving static pages, CGI scripts with arguments in the form of path, providing index files and virtual servers), actually works, is sufficiently documented, performs reasonable logging […]

  • Vega Strike

    A few days ago I dreamed about flying a space ship. Now I’ve found it’s actually possible thanks to the Vega Strike game. Although Vega Strike doesn’t run on my computer very well and I don’t have time to actually play it, it’s nice to see another high quality Free Software project.