• Rale

    Rale. One of the most fascinating bands I’ve ever heard. It has never become widely known and it disbanded about twenty years ago. Two of its three albums got sold out and have been no more available. It’s sad when good music disappears. The only album by Rale still available was Twilight / Soumrak, the […]

  • Amarok

    I bought Mike Oldfield’s album Amarok many years ago. At the time when there were no streaming services or music copies on the big video site yet, just some textual reviews on the net. One bought an expensive CD and, unless listening to its samples in the shop, enjoying the surprise afterward at home. (BTW […]

  • Playing with high-resolution audio

    Some time ago, I’ve found out that under special circumstances I can hear differences between 320 kbps mp3 and CD audio. Now, I’m curious whether I can hear any difference between CD and high-resolution audio. There is a lot of discussions whether high-resolution audio is a gimmick or a useful thing. Maybe the answer is simple: […]

  • Rustical Records

    It seems another very interesting project grows in Brno — Rustical Records recording studio and label. They help creating amazing recordings, listen yourself: King’N’Doom curtain of the moon FLY… TAK LEŤ!

  • Natalika

    Who remembers the old times when most music albums were not available on streaming services and couldn’t be bought online as downloadable archives? In the pre-online music era, there was a lot of amazing recordings by non-mainstream artists that are no longer available nowadays. I was lucky a couple of times and discovered great old […]

  • User-Centric Payment System for streaming

    Deezer’s push for User-Centric Payment System (UCPS) looks like the right step. It has always annoyed me that, because I don’t stream much, my money spent on streaming goes mostly to the popular music that I don’t listen to. I wonder whether the planned Deezer move to UCPS will really happen. In any case, one […]

  • 25 years of Indies Records

    I had the opportunity to attend the 25th anniversary festival of Indies Records last month. Indies Records, founded 25 years ago and later split to Indies Scope, Indies MG and Indies Happy Trails, has always been a great music label supporting Czech high quality alternative and non-commercial music. They did a lot of hard work […]

  • Some live concerts

    I got an opportunity to see two Brno rock legends Iva Bittová and Vladimír Václavek live in duo. It was a fantastic experience. Highly recommended. Střelické strunobraní festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. Many excellent musicians performed there and it was a great experience again. To pick just one of the many great appearances there: It’s […]

  • Střelické strunobraní

    Na dohled od našeho domu se každý rok v červnu koná hudební festival Střelické strunobraní, ale ještě nikdy se mi nepodařilo na něj dojít. Když to dobře dopadne, tak letos by se to konečně podařit mohlo. Nechcete se někdo taky přijet podívat?

  • Neočekávaný dýchánek

    I’ve heard nice things about the band Neočekávaný dýchánek for several times, but I’ve never got an opportunity to listen to any of their recordings. I’ve found their are available at Indies Happy Trails now. Good music indeed.