• Autopilote

    About once a year I manage to attend a live music show. This year I’ve chosen Autopilote (Fajt, Smeykal, Yumiko, Holý, Václavek). I watched them in Noc s Andělem on TV a few weeks ago and I liked the music, thinking it might be nice to listen to it live. This opportunity came yesterday and the […]

  • Mike Oldfield — Incantations

    Mike Oldfield’s Incantations is a nice piece of music to listen to during hot summer days. Like many Oldfield works, it may not sound that great on the first (maybe also second or third) listening (“huh, who would like to listen to all the long repetitions?”) but then, as aptly expressed by someone on the […]

  • Sigur Rós — ()

    I’ve recently listened to (), the untitled album, by Sigur Rós. It’s an interesting piece of music. I can’t say much about it, try listening to it yourself.

  • Czech alternative music

    There are many interesting artists in the area of Czech independent music. Some of them succeeded to get rather popular, Iva Bittová, Radůza, Psí vojáci, Už jsme doma, Tara Fuki are relatively well known today. Not that everyone here has ever heard about all of them, but probably none of them is unknown to anybody […]

  • Sestry Steinovy

    I’ve recently listened to the album Můj tanec by Sestry Steinovy several times. This album is one of those which may sound as somewhat simple first, but later you can find it’s very nice and interesting. Based on two voices, two guitars and often ironic but thoughtful lyrics, complemented with typical Jablkoň sound, it’s really […]

  • Lučec — vnučec

    Yesterday we attended Christmas performance of a 3-generation family band Lučec – vnučec. They feature an interesting sound made by various old instruments, most notably vielles, manufactured by the band leader Jiří Košík. We really enjoyed it.