• What’s the problem with Reddit?

    I don’t understand what’s the problem with Reddit. What do people expect from using a proprietary centralized platform?

  • Preventing communication

    There are some technical topics I’m interested in. There are other people who are interested in them too. Now, how to connect to each other to discuss the topics? This problem has been successfully solved long time ago with Usenet and NNTP. An established decentralized system providing discussion forums. Everybody could be happy with it […]

  • Checoeslovaquia

    Our former country, Czechoslovakia, was replaced by two new countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 1993. When I was in Belgium (country separated from the Czech Republic just by a single neighboring country – Germany) several years later they didn’t know where the Czech Republic was but they knew about Czechoslovakia. It’s interesting the change […]

  • 25 years of Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) celebrates 25 years of its existence this month. AFAIK the EFF makes a lot of useful work defending civil liberties, fair competition and consumer rights in the areas of computing and the Internet. One of good ways to participate is to financially support the EFF if you haven’t done so yet. […]

  • Dunajská vlna & Čankišou

    I’d like to promote two of the current music crowdfunding campaigns on Hithit that are approaching their ends. They ask money for new CDs and while they’ve already gathered more than two thirds of the target amounts, they haven’t reached the targets yet (as of today). IMO both the campaigns are very much worth to […]

  • International Day Against DRM

    Today is the International Day Against DRM. I’m afraid we are not any better than a year ago. OTOH, we’re probably also not worse. Hmm. What to do?

  • Czech translation of DRM flyer

    Czech translation of FSF DRM flyer is available now. If you can help improve it, please look at the translation coordination page and follow the instructions, or contact me.

  • Snowdrift project

    The Snowdrift project looks interesting. Its purpose is to help funding free works in a sustainable way and without commercial pressures. I don’t know whether it will work (who knows?) but it’s worth to try.

  • Moving to WordPress

    For several reasons, I decided to move my Web pages to WordPress. I tried to retain the most important content and URLs from the old pages. If there is something wrong or you miss something, please let me know. If you know some simple clean WordPress themes, I’d like to know too.

  • Starting another week

    Real life makes a lot of things hard to achieve and I feel quite exhausted after last weeks. But there were also many good news last week: Someone finally escaped the danger of death and is back at home with good chances for complete recovery. My soul got another pardon. I should get the required […]