Our former country, Czechoslovakia, was replaced by two new countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia, in 1993. When I was in Belgium (country separated from the Czech Republic just by a single neighboring country – Germany) several years later they didn’t know where the Czech Republic was but they knew about Czechoslovakia. It’s interesting the change has still not been propagated to some relevant places, even in the area of postal services.

The last FSF bulletin has arrived to me recently with a hand written note below my address on the envelope:


The word “Checoeslovaquia” looks like a Spanish version, maybe it was already added in the U.S. or the letter was mistakenly sent to Chile or the letter arrived to Europe through Spain, who knows. It’s funny that a post officer somewhere didn’t know about the Czech Republic but someone was able to resolve the problem by identifying the target country as the former Czechoslovakia.

Anyway the June FSF bulletin has reached me!






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