Fixing, fixing

This blog has been silent for a year and even unreachable for some time. One of the primary reasons is that I spend a large portion of my life fixing things. Not because of my choice but because so many things I use don’t work as expected or at all. I have little remaining resources to do anything productive.

Some of the simplifications I wanted to achieve was moving my blog to a different machine, out of the scope of my incompetent ISP, and from Apache to nginx. Moving a WordPress site is non-trivial but it wasn’t especially difficult and I believe everything is working now. It just took quite long, because I have been fixing more urgent stuff almost all the time.

After the site migration, I found out that org2blog stopped working for me. Another surprise… After some debugging, I discovered that the antispam plugin I had installed (because we haven’t solved the spam problem during the last decades and we’ll probably never do) disables XML-RPC, which org2blog uses. OK, I can deactivate the plugin when working with the blog and then activate it again. Stupid, but working. (Another org2blog problem I’m experiencing is the infamous “Symbol’s value as variable is void: org2blog-pkg”. I have more important things to do now than debugging this and loading org2blog manually is fortunately a good enough workaround.)

Will I have an opportunity now to fill this blog with something useful? Let’s see, a couple of our household devices have broken last week and I must get them fixed, I’m afraid.






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  1. I still believe that, especially with so simple blog as you have, there is no reason why not to have one of those static generators for a blog. I personally use Pelican for my blog, but there are zillion of them, including some written in Emacs Lisp ( and just from the first search on DuckDuckGo).

  2. admin

    Hi Matěj, thank you for your suggestions. You’re right that using WordPress for this is overkill. I had been using static pages in the past but then I thought it might be a good idea to allow comments or having an easy to use interface for family members. Which was a foolish idea. And now it’s probably still easier to keep WordPress running (with some benefits like being able to post comments) than switching to something else.

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