I think I want that keyboard (and mouse)

KeyMouse keyboard looks interesting. It seems to be better than any of the other ergonomic keyboards I looked at as it provides all of the following:

  • Everything seems to be reasonably reachable (maybe after remapping some keys).
  • It’s curved.
  • The left and right parts of the keyboard are completely separated, permitting to position the hands freely.
  • Wireless operation.
  • The mouse of course (even better: two mice!), no need to leave the keyboard to use it.

There may be some drawbacks:

  • Stability of the keyboard(s) when typing.
  • Mouse jitter when typing.
  • Not possible to use on one’s lap.

KeyMouse is expensive, but its price is in the price range of other (mouseless) ergonomic keyboards, and the keyboard is still cheaper than a good chair or a good display.






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