I decided to buy some chess books for the first time after many years. I’m going to start playing chess again, after several years long break. I think it might be a good step towards my mental recovery. I’ve been being busy with many dull activities last years and I haven’t got much opportunity to employ analytical and logical thinking. Chess is great as it requires (except for its entertainment forms such as blitz) deep and careful thinking. Only then one can be rewarded with pleasant results while superficial approach may get punished very quickly, especially when playing against a computer. This is in big contrast to our common social environment that directs us to operate quickly, unreliably, in stupid ways and without understanding anything.

It’s much easier to buy chess books now than it used to be the last time I was deeply interested in chess. Thanks to Internet shopping the choice of both new and used books is great and many interesting books became easily accessible. I bought the books from operated by a retired GM Karel MokrĂ˝. I must say I was very satisfied with it and I can recommended that shop to chess lovers.

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