Bogus facts

It’s very common: Someone claims and discusses a fact and makes conclusions from it without checking the fact first and without knowing its context. Even when it is easy to check and to get to understand. And with false facts one can prove anything, especially what he likes to prove.

Well, we all do mistakes. But in some situations people should be especially careful about what they say. We buy (certain) newspapers to get information. We pay scientists to provide new knowledge and competent advice to us. We expect informed decisions from statesmen. One can’t check everything and everybody must rely on experts and reliable information channels. When this doesn’t work, we get in troubles.

There is a lot of information available to us todays. Unfortunately much of it is false, often simply because someone doesn’t know what he talks about and creates new, modified, bogus facts. The problem is this behavior is not limited to gossipers, even people who should be respectable and responsible sometimes show this ignorance. So do we get more information or actually less information today? And who profits from ignorance?






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