Czech alternative music

There are many interesting artists in the area of Czech independent music. Some of them succeeded to get rather popular, Iva Bittová, Radůza, Psí vojáci, Už jsme doma, Tara Fuki are relatively well known today. Not that everyone here has ever heard about all of them, but probably none of them is unknown to anybody who watches Czech alternative a bit.

But there are still many less known artists and bands among them who make great music. Just a few tips here. Dagmar Andrtová-Voňková is an excellent guitarist and singer-songwriter. If you’d like to listen to great guitar performances quite different of what you can usually hear, don’t miss her works. Another very interesting person is Vladimír Václavek, all his music is very impressive, whether it comes from his solo works, from cooperation with Iva Bittová or from some of his (and other people) bands such as Rale. Whether you like Irish music or not, the band Dún an doras performs it in such an excellent way that you’d probably enjoyed it anyway. I’ve listened to them once live in a small pub and it was a great experience. Of course their recordings are excellent as well. And I’ve already mentioned Sestry Steinovy here some time ago.

BTW all the names mentioned above have something common – at least one album in the catalog of the Indies Records label and at least one of them available on eMusic. What Indies Records does is really great and all the great music is available thanks to them.






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